*Recovery involves..


Being honest with yourself, clearing your throat and saying to someone ” Look, I think I have a problem”.

Putting things into perspective/considering what is most important in life.

Saying to yourself: What’s more important, avoiding the bloody cake and inevitably ending up on your own or having a piece of bloody cake and enjoying the company of friends and family?

Saying “my body is my body” rather than getting into a boxing bout with God/your parents because you’re not happy with the body He/they gave you.

Listening to that still small voice which lies inside of you.

Saying that my way has not worked thus far so it behoves me to trust in someone else.

Crying out to God, a friend, a family member and saying “Look, I can’t fricking do this. This is too hard”.

It involves graduating from hopelessness to “perhaps things can be different”

Getting your ass into treatment, prescribed or not.


Eating bloody bran flakes when you’re up to your neck in bleeding cereal.

Waking up with night sweats because your metabolism has woken up.

Gaining junk your trunk – both physical and emotional.

Feeling so physically uncomfortable that you long for your old physical self.

Taking the cat o’ nine tails and placing it aside when you feel inclined to punish yourself.

Doing less running and much more crawling.

Accepting the ‘you’re looking well’ comments without it completely ruining your day.


Accepting the possibility of a life with or without depression.

Wearing the Yes lifejacket instead of clinging onto the No driftwood.

Attending social functions instead of coming up with avoidance strategies.

Having a discussion with others which involves not just your body but your mind and soul too.


Developing transparent relationships, not ones shrouded in deceit and/or secrecy.

Allowing ourselves to feel rather than constantly seeking ways to distract ourselves or avoid our feelings.

Walking over flaming hot coals in the belief that it will one day become a walk in the park.

Accepting that there are different paths to recovery and your and my task is to find the one which brings us closer to freedom.

Accepting our imperfections because imperfections make great teachers and equip us with the ability to empathise.

Accepting that it – Recovery – is worth it even when the end is neither in sight nor clear.




*I previously wrote a long post (too long some may argue) on what recovery means to me. What I have come to realise is that the meaning of recovery changes over time. The original version can be found here: https://talesfromlondinium.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/recovery-is/


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