Guarding my heart and opening my ears

I have not been able to write for a while or read for that matter. The past 4 months have been pretty horrific and whilst I see myself emerging from it finally, I also understand the importance of keeping myself away from things that may cause me to slip down the black hole again. This has meant deleting a particular social media app, abstaining from watching the news or politics shows and taking note of times when I feel myself being sucked in by tragic stories. It also meant taking this blog offline for a bit. When you are at your most vulnerable, anything which amplifies that sense of vulnerability can feel very overwhelming. Excruciating even. At the moment, my mind is quite fragile and the best thing for me to do in order to come out of this current depressive episode, is to simply say no to certain things and certain interactions.

Music continues to be something positive in my life which helps me through episodes. Whereas last time it was South African house music that did it for me, this time, it’s been chillhop. Music without lyrics has been about as much as I have been able to tolerate and on some days, enjoy. Here are a few of my favourite offerings.

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